Karissa Eilerman

Executive Assistant

Karissa - Circle.gif

Core Values

What is your favorite thing about your work at Nuila Events? 
I love the awesome community within the company and the relationships that we are able to build as well as the ability to work from home and at my own pace. 

What app do you use on your phone most?
It's a nice balance between SnapChat and Pinterest. 

What’s the one “piece of junk” that you can’t seem to throw away? 
Old theater scripts from plays I have performed. 


What song, whenever it comes on, puts you in a good mood? 
"When You're Smiling" by Louis Prima 

Who would you love to play you in the movie of your life?
Either Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence

What would be the top 3 words that describe you?
Sweet, Fun, and Creative

What makes you happy?
My husband Austin, planning, and organizing.

What led you to pursue a career in the hospitality industry?
I have always loved planning ahead, organizing events, and making people happy.

How would you describe your approach to client satisfaction?
I try to give clients exactly what they want, but I also know that sometimes there are things that will make them happy that they would never even think to ask for. I try to get to know their personality and then surprise them with exactly what they never knew they loved.

Best career advice you’ve ever been given?
"Just do it. At some point you have to stop researching and planning and just get your hands dirty."

What has been your most memorable experience thus far at Nuila Events?
The ladies photo shoot I did with Sachiko and Melissa. 

What is your signature dish?
Chicken Alfredo

In the Nuila Events family, I’d be voted Most Likely to………………?
Thoroughly Enjoy the Task That Everyone Else Hates

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a dancer and an actress when I was little. I still want to be those today.

What’s your all time favorite movie?
"My Fair Lady" and "That Darn Cat"

What does the following statement mean to you: “We look forward to serving you”?
It means that the people who are helping genuinely enjoy what they do and really do care about helping you enjoy your time as well.

In general, who / what inspires you?
My husband inspires me because he is such a good person.