Melissa Valdiviezo

Social media Coordinator

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Core Values
Connecting w/ Others
Personal Growth
Emotional Health

What is your favorite thing about your work at Nuila Events?
The amazing group of people that I get to work with and are there whenever I need them and teach me so much everyday.

What app do you use on your phone most?
It would have to be a balance between SnapChat and YouTube. 

What’s the one “piece of junk” that you can’t seem to throw away?
My high school planners. I like going back to see what I had written  down on what I did that day or if it was a special day for some reason.


What song, whenever it comes on, puts you in a good mood?
Any song by any boyband has me belting along with them!

Who would you love to play you in the movie of your life?
It would have to be either Gina Rodriguez or Aimee Carrero-Rock

What would be the top 3 words that describe you?
Dorky, Thoughtful, Sentimental

What makes you happy?
My family, friends, dogs, and pizza.

What led you to pursue a career in the hospitality industry?
Just finished school and I was looking for a place where I could learn and I found Nuila Events. I respect so much their purpose and I’m excited to be a part of the team!

How would you describe your approach to client satisfaction? 
Clients aren’t dollar signs and shouldn’t treated as such. My approach is to do whatever I can with integrity and sincerity.     

Best career advice you’ve ever been given?
No matter what career I wanted to pursue, to always work hard to become one of the best in my profession.

What has been your most memorable experience thus far at Nuila Events?
Our weekly company calls are so much fun, but on more than one occasion I have left the call on accident. Everybody likes to jump out of their screens when I get back on the call; laughing their heads off.

What is your signature dish?
I can make a mean batch of Peruvian cookies called Alfajores and Pinapple Upside Down Cake.

In the Nuila Events family, I’d be voted Most Likely to………………?
Not Know How to Work Her Own Computer.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a chef, a lawyer, an actress, a photojournalist, and a broadcast journalist.

What’s your all time favorite movie? 
Even though I can watch several movies over and over again, I would have to say 10 Things I Hate About You.

What does the following statement mean to you: “We look forward to serving you”?
We genuinely care about being a part of our clients’ teams to help them achieve their goals by giving them the resources they need.

In general, who / what inspires you?
My parents and sisters inspire me. Each has had their struggles and sacrifices, but they continue to achieve and live with compassion, love and laughter