7 Ways to Enjoy Summer in the Office

80, 90, 100 degrees all mean the same thing…HOT. If you are anything like me, you need a large glass of ice tea and a good running AC to get you through the day. Need something more to make it to 6pm during the summer? Daydreams of the beach and ice cream can only hold us off for so long. Here are some fun ways to not miss out on this fun season while you are working!

1.   Eat Lunch Outside - Find a nice spot at the nearest park, bring along a few colleagues or simply enjoy lunch in the cool air at the picnic tables.

2. Yoga in the park before work - We all know how relaxing and energizing yoga can be, and when coupled with a summer morning, these benefits double!

3. Take a walk for your think tank or hold walking meetings - Taking walks has been known to freshen your mind, why not hold meetings with yourself or workmates in this condition?

4. Wear bright colors! If your office allows dressing in casual outfits, ditch the business wear and dress down. If not, wear the bright colored business clothes to fit in with the summer hues.

5. Catch the sunset on a hill or cliff on your way home – Take a breather at the end of the day and soak it all in.

6. Organize a potluck including sports outside (maybe on a casual Friday) - Apart from it being a great way for staff team building, it will give your office a chance take in the summer breeze.

7. Take advantage of the modern technology and work outside. The possibilities created by modern technology are many, and working away from the office happens to be just one of them. Jump on a free WiFi access point or take your WiFi hot spot with you anywhere!