Location, Location, Location


While an inexpensive outdoor venue, such as a beach or a park, may seem like the answer to your economical needs, this could actually end up costing you more than booking a hotel banquet room. Make sure you consult with someone who can walk you through the different costs that may be associated with an outdoor venue (catering, linen rentals, glassware & china rentals, delivery fees, tent rental fees, disposal fees, servers/service charges, etc...). Once you compare them to the cost of your favorite hotel or event center, you may be surprised at what you find! On the other hand, you might be excited that you can afford the food & beverage minimum of a luxurious event space, however, make sure to consider taxes, service charges, gratuities and other miscellaneous fees as you’re doing your research. When you’re comparing venues, factoring the numbers as realistically as possible could make all the difference.



We believe that with everything timing is Essential. Make sure to choose a time and date that are appropriate for the occasion. For example, an outdoor venue may be beautiful, particularly if you have visions of an enchanting sunset, but we advise you to always contemplate the seasons and consult the weather man. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you probably don’t have to video search for long to find examples of people who didn’t do their homework and had to pay the consequences. Even if you’ve done your homework, always have a backup plan! Weather forecasting is extremely accurate, but it is not yet an exact science.


With the dawn of social media, we have hoards of information available at the click of a button (or two…). Don’t underestimate the power of a quick search to see how other people experienced the venues you’re considering. Search for qualified recommendations, which are usually more trust-worthy, and read about why some others enjoyed the location. They may have had a 5-star quinceañera, but this may not mean that the venue will be best for your corporate training event – make sure their highlights match your criteria. Just remember that you have to take everything with a grain of salt – you may not be getting the full picture, no matter how many amazing reviews a location has received.


Reviews are a good gauge but aren't always an accurate reading and we suggest (if you're within reasonable distance) that you get in there and see it for yourself. Try to make sure that particular aspects are suitable for your upcoming event. Things like room capacity may sound perfect on paper, but during your visit you may find that the venue can’t accommodate your particular theme and still comfortably hold the amount of guests you are expecting. If possible, ask an employee for the insider’s scoop – there are absolutely clever and playful ways to find out extremely valuable information.

And of course, if you are still undecided, please feel free to contact us at Nuila Events to schedule a free consultation and discuss your needs!