7 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement That Smart Companies Are Using

Hope you guys are crushing it this week, but you know what?  All that business does eventually slow down even the best staff.  If you are hitting all your markers, your employees are always happy for the extra money, but they also are going to need a break.  Even if you are having a rough go of it, due to weather or the economy or training, smart Human Resource departments around the country are embracing some “old school” tactics that just a few years ago, many people had dismissed.



At Nuila Events, we’ve seen the increase in business that shows that this trend is not going away … it’s still cutting edge.


Here are seven ways we keep seeing that keeps engagement for your staff high and doesn’t lose the productivity you have to have in today’s business environment:

  • Hold a Health and Wellness Day – Let’s face it … with all the health insurance drama in the news, employee’s and companies are scared.  Have a day with a blood drive, health screenings, and time for frank talk about the benefits you offer.

  • Goal Setting and Attainment – Right here, you can nail down the budget and all the goals for a quarter or a year.  Holding it off-site and unplugged allows you to focus on the issues and build or realign the plans.  Then, there isn’t any question about who does what and what the goals are.

  • Continuing Education – Again, off-sites rule here.  Companies are finding that limiting the distractions gets real results.  Building meetings around new implementation strategies outside the office gets minds right and opens dialogue.

  • R and R Days – Let’s face it, having a fun event for the company - by the company- does help people engage.  If you never met “Griffin in Accounting”, here’s a great way to find out about him.  Water parks, pools, even a barbeque all help employees to relax and re-engage.

  • Volunteer Day – Being philanthropic is not as much fun as a barbeque, but what company wouldn’t love the chance to say they build a home or a playground on a Saturday?  The PR from that is always great, sometimes there are some tax benefits, and employees still really like it.

  • Motivational Speakers – Lecturing about success only sounds boring.  Plan to have a different motivational speaker come in and structure the visits in a way that will benefit your employees the most. In choosing an individual to come in and speak, it's essential that you take the interests of your staff into consideration.  If your employees are into music, consider bringing in a professional musician as a speaker; sports fans will respond well to local athletes.

  • Awards Night - There's actually quite a bit to gain from holding an awards night.  The sky's the limit in terms of how you can plan an awards night for your organization. You can do it in the comfort of your own office ... but why not rent out a space and really make it a party?  Live music, catering, and anything else you can think of will all help to make your awards ceremony a hit, and you can pull off a party like this without spending too much money if you plan things out ahead of time.

These are only seven easy ways to keep your people at their peak, but the good news is that we are seeing a lot of companies engaging in these sorts of events. And guess what?  It just so happens that we specialize in them!  Reach out to us and let’s see how Nuila Events can help you keep your well-oiled money machine humming along!