Balancing Family & Work: Three Tips to Manage it All

Work. Work. Work. sleep. More Work. As an entrepreneur, that’s probably your life schedule right now. This is especially true when you are in the early--most crucial--phases of your business. It’s your baby and needs the most of you right now. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee within a growing business, we all can say we have thought this at one point or another: “there is never enough time in the day or week for everything!” You want to do this but you also need to take care of that.



Balancing family and work will always take a constant effort, but it very important to take the time to properly manage both. Surrounding yourself with good people can make all the difference. Family and friends understand the sacrifices you make for your professional success and are also able to pull you away when they see it has consumed you. Take the time to have friends over or go out to dinner and catch up with your family - chances are they see something you don’t and can give you a fresh perspective.


Check out our three tips for work/life balance:

1. Use organizational & time management tools.

Easier said than done, right? There are so many apps, available on plenty of platforms, that can help you manage the daily tasks of your business and personal life. Google Calendar or Evernote are a couple of great programs that can be accessed almost anywhere. Either way, spending sometime to plan out your day or organize your tasks is well worth the time investment. Use those tools to block out some time for things unrelated to work. For example, you can set an “appointment” in your calendar for going to the gym. This way a time has been clearly designated to your needs and people won’t know that you’re taking care of personal things, rather than taking a meeting.


2. Disconnect from technology.

Now more than ever, we have become attached to our devices. Remember a time when Siri did not exist and you had to figure things out for yourself or when you could only check emails on your desktop or laptop? Let’s go back to that, or at least try a little more of that. For one weekend or for an hour each day try to designate a time where you will disconnect from all your devices. Set your phone to silent or airplane mode so you won’t be tempted to answer incoming messages or calls. Place yourself in a setting that doesn’t require the use of technology, like the beach. Go for a hike or grab a coffee with a friend.  You’d be amazed to find out how incredible it feels to when you’re finally comfortable taking longer than an fifteen minutes to respond to an email. But trust us it’s for the best!

3. Communicate with those around you.

Don’t let the frustration and exhaustion build up! Everyone at one point or another has experienced a communication issue, with family and or work. Make sure you communicate with your professional peers about what you need from them and how you can assist them, so you both benefit overall. Setting weekly or monthly meetings is a great way to establish a communication plan. Also, your family and friends should be kept in the loop. They may not understand what you’re going through, but they offer unconditional support. Open communication eases the daily pressures from both sides of the fence.



Make sure you take time for yourself as well! Yes, it is okay to be alone and relax by yourself. You play the most important role in your success. Don't allow the busyness of being a business owner, daughter, son, friends, husband, mother, father, wife, consumer, etc... to trick you into thinking "you-time" can be on the back burner. You'll be surprised that you become a much better juggler when you put first things first.