Halloween on a Budget: A Guide to Your DIY Frightfest!

The air is a getting colder and the nights darker faster. FALL is here! And one of our favorite holidays is only a week away. Eeek Halloween! We love dressing up and sharing some good laughs or screams with our family and friends. And the sweet treats are a nice “cherry on top” to the evening. Halloween also kicks off the Fall party season. Whether it’s in your office or with family and friends someone's hosting a party. The best way to make to your party one to remember and have your guest screaming in amazement is to create personal touches and have a light and fun atmosphere, with a touch of fright. Check out our DIY guide to throwing your Halloween party!


Food: Every party needs it! Halloween is a special chance to spice--or I mean scare--it up. Make sure you have plenty of options, from candy to actual appetizers. There are tons of recipes online for quick and easy treats that play to the Halloween spirit. We have to make sure our guests don’t turn into zombies from a lack of food...yikes! Here’s a recipe, from CountryLiving.com, for a “Grave Intentions” cake:

You’ll need:

  • 1 box of cake mix

  • 1 bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano & Bordeaux cookies

  • 1 box of chocolate sticks

  • 1 container of chocolate frosting

  • 1 Plastic bag

Once you’ve baked the cake and covered it in frosting use the cookies as graves, which you can personalize with the bag of frosting. The chocolate sticks can be broken up to create a fence around the cake and voila! You have your grave intentions. Super easy.

Music: The music and or mood can make or break a party. Creating your own Halloween playlist is a great way to get the right music for the atmosphere and get those vampires and witches on the dance floor. Spotify has different Halloween playlists or you can create your own for free. Classics like “The Monster Mash” or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” are a must!

Decor: There are so many options and touches to decorate your night of terror. Pumpkins are a must. Not only for Halloween but for Fall and Thanksgiving. They can be re-purposed in so many ways. For example, cut ¼ of your pumpkin off from the top and clean out the insides. Once you've done that fill it with ice and you can now use it as a decorative and cheap ice bucket. Smaller ones also make great serving dishes, plus you don’t have to clean them once you’re done. Another one of our favorite  and affordable DIY decor pieces is the use of dry ice. Try placing it under the table where your food is. The mist that comes from placing it in water gives off an illusion of mystery and can bring a sense of the night into your home or office.

Costumes: Creative is key! This goes for you and your guests, dress up! Halloween is the one time of year we all get to be kids again and who doesn't want that? Take a look through your closet and see what you could re-purpose. Friends or family members might have some interesting things you could trade pieces for. If you do need to buy things we recommend places like the Goodwill, where items are cheaper. Costumes are such a fun way to express yourself and get into the scary spirit. Just making the costumes is another great excuse to get together!


Once you have these basics in place you’re sure to give your guests a scary good time. The best part about DIY is that it is completely up to you. You can be as creative as you’d like, there are no limits to what is possible. Each aspect of your party could include a touch of DIY, which looks great and helps keep more money in your pocket. But most importantly make sure you’re having a good time and dance till you drop!