Can Small Businesses Have Events Too?


Well here we are!  The holiday season is upon us, and I wanted to talk about the single biggest question we hear … “I own a small business, do I still need to do events?”

Our answer at Nuila Events, LLC is always a resounding “YES!”

Now, in fairness, you don’t have to sponsor the Grammys, but for many small businesses, hosting events is a wonderful way to network the business and foster great corporate citizenship in your community - and get some amazing publicity.  The question is, what types of events can a small business handle that won’t break the bank?

Well, funny you should ask, and as experts in helping companies to handle these types of functions, let us give you some ideas.

The first goal is always to determine who your target audience is – this helps to drive a clear understanding of your goals, the venues, and what exactly the purpose of the event will be – are you introducing a new product?  Celebrating a record year?  Will you be looking to “woo” new clients or cater to current ones?

The critical thing is, hosting an event, even a small one, can build huge value for your company.  Even if the group is a small one, people remember that your company hosted or sponsored an event, and that has value far past the cost to put on an event – and remember – an event is not always social – it can be a workshop for your products, a training seminar on business, or even a product launch.

Of course, you’ll have budget questions, then the marketing for the event – can you use strategic partners to share in the costs and potentially get more attendees?  Get the word out through your social media channels, include it on emails to clients, and even get- depending on the event, local bloggers and groups to get the word out.


And by far the biggest part of the equation is building a team to help you.  This is where Nuila Events, LLC can really pull to the front for small businesses – we handle this everyday – it is, after all, what we do!  In fact, as you start to plan, think about involving us from the very beginning.  Reach out to us at 949.238.8066 or, as always, through our website