The Age of Personalization

Personalization 2.jpg

Event marketing is one of the trickiest concepts for ANY event organizer to master. Long gone are the days when you could send out quick, generic eBlasts and call it a day. Let’s face it - the market is saturated with worthy causes and amazing sounding events, and it’s overwhelming. How can you capture the attention of YOUR perfect audience… and get them to pay attention to what you’re doing?

Personalization is the key. Now I know it sounds daunting; I can hear you saying, “Sachiko, how the heck am I supposed to personally reach out to each of my 5,000 attendees?” Luckily, there are some key ways you can personalize things on a global level that will make outreach so much easier.

Understand Your Demographic. I can’t TELL you how often we hear things like “My event is good for everybody!” or “I just want people who want to have fun [get educated, try something new, etc].” We think it’s great that your event audience can be diverse… but really, who is your target? Your efforts will be much more successful if you pick a lane and just stay in it instead of weaving back and forth. Especially for first-time events… pick a demographic and figure out what they need to walk away with; then personalize your event to deliver it.

Talk About Your Event the Right Way. If you want to sell your event, you have to KNOW what your event has to sell. We mean, don’t just talk about what’s happening (the features) of your event. Talk about the benefits. At the end of the event, what tangible results will the attendee walk away with? What is the benefit of them coming to your event? For us, there are lots of cool features of working with our company. But ultimately, our clients walk away from our relationship feeling peace of mind, taken care of, and confident that their event will be amazing! Once you’ve done the demographic research and built your event to match, just personalize your marketing materials to tell the story the right way, and you’ll be well on your way to more success.

Use Technology. We get it - it can be scary to leave what’s comfortable and try something new. But in this new age of tech everything, if you don’t adapt you WILL be left behind. Technology has an almost unending list of tools that can help you personalize your event. A few of our favorites:

  • Event app that allows attendees to create their custom schedule by selecting which sessions / breakouts they want to go to

  • Housing systems that recommend different hotels based on customer inputs

  • Lead-generation and attendee tracking solutions that provide you and your exhibitors with customized data about attendee engagement

  • Affiliate marketing tools that give your attendees incentive to sell tickets on your behalf

We know this age of mass personalization can seem intimidating. But, with a willingness to grow, a desire to engage your audience, and Nuila Events as your trusted advisor, you can look forward to renewed and continued success in your event marketing and logistics.