Marriott and Starwood: What We Know So Far...

Marriott and Starwood: What We Know So Far...

A shift in the hotel business universe is upon us because Marriott International has just become the largest hotel chain in the world! How? Well, they completed and approved a 13-billion-dollar acquisition of Starwood Resort and Hotels back in September 2016, but the full effect of the purchase is starting to be felt by loyal guests of both companies.

The Story Secret

There’s an old saying in sales – “facts tell and stories sell” and anyone that has ever sold anything knows that this is so true.  Smart salespeople and entrepreneurs realized this long ago and inevitably bring “story” into the conversation when they are working with prospects. 

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Far more than just features and benefits, story puts you into a completely different place in the buying conversation – you start to envision yourself in the story and guess what?  You start making the same decisions that the storyteller made.

Before you know it, you’ve bought the item, be it a tool for the kitchen, a new phone, or a house.

Here at Nuila Events, we’re happy to share an interactive opportunity to craft your own story and learn to use it for your business! Presented by The Honest Entrepreneur, The Story Secret event welcomes expert storyteller, Michael Kass, who teaches participants how to reframe sales tactics and build instant connections using their own expertly crafted stories. Watch this short video as Michael introduces the event and shares about what you can expect to take away from the event!

Event organizers - think about your own story for a few minutes and how it applies to an event that you are putting on – be it for the holidays or for the company.  What is the story that you are telling in how the event is organized?  Is it one of success?  Struggle?  The best year ever?  

All these things need to go into your own event planning because they are all a part of the message that you convey to your guests.  In many cases, the nature of the party suggests what the expectation of the event is.  In the end, putting on a great event has a lot more to do with the feel of the event versus how good the entertainment or the food was – again – storytelling.  

We’re truly looking forward to hosting this event on March 10th, 2017.  As specialists in helping clients to create story through their events, working with an expert in actually creating the story that small businesses use is going to be a great experience.  You can find out more about The Story Secret by clicking right here; and if you've found yourself with end-of-year meeting planning that has left you in a panic, make sure that you reach out to us at Nuila Events and let's see what we can do to help you write a different ending to the story, too.

Drilling Your Teeth at Home?

Hey guys!  I wanted to share a great new process that you can use to save a bunch of money.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve read a lot about it online and it sounds great!

Simply put, you can use a 3/8 drill motor and some two-part epoxy to drill out any cavities.  Think of the money you save on your dental insurance!

Vibrant Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Vibrant Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Now, that sounds absurd, and I’m sure there is somebody “off the grid” that might actually be doing that.  In the real world, though, there are just some things that you can’t compromise on.  In this same world, there are only 168 hours in the week, so having an expert handle things like replacing your car’s brakes, dentistry, and event planning is not only a no-brainer, it’s also a lot less expensive than using your own time to do it.

After all, why trust an unknown source online to give you advice when you can engage with experts in the field?  

Let’s look at an example from our specialty here at Nuila Events – simply booking the venue for an event.  As Meeting & Event Consultants who specialize in handling bookings for hotels for conferences and conventions, the truth is that most people don’t know the language of that business.  We have a large network that has spent years developing relationships with hotels all around the country, and as a result of that experience, we know which days are best to book, how to approach each venue and negotiate the best rates for our clients, and how to create equitable agreements with the host venue that allow us to get great rates and avoid costly “gotchas” in those agreements.  



Thus, the venue often has the upper hand when many people come to negotiate – and that is why it is so important to work with a professional.  Our experience in dealing with and benchmarking literally thousands of events lets us help you find the best deal.  

Now, understand one thing … you absolutely can do all the legwork yourself.  No doubt about it.  The downside is that all the research can take days or even weeks, and then, although you are well informed, the next step – and the most critical one – is the actual agreement and contract.  Most venues have a standard contract in place, but it is one that is written by their lawyers and one that is written in their favor.

The Morris Law Firm, LLC

The Morris Law Firm, LLC

What does that mean?  Even though you are well-informed, you still can be taken advantage of since most of these documents are private.  When you partner with seasoned experts like Nuila Events and Experient, we know what the correct rates are in any given town (and they vary by season, location, and even day!) so we can absolutely help you to nail down the right price, the right time, and the event agreement that protects you instead of just protecting the venue hosting the event.

Come to think of it, this is the exact reason that we got into this business in the first place – to help people just like you to plan those major business events that most people rarely have to think about – and make the entire event come together flawlessly.  Isn’t that a whole lot better than drilling your own teeth?



P.S. I know that it still feels too early to be thinking about it, but the company Christmas party is less than 8 weeks away.  If you haven’t figured out everything yet, guess what?  You’re behind.  Venues are booking up and prices are going up, so the ideal time to get the process going is two weeks ago.  Reach out to us today to catch up and get ready to be in the Holiday Spirit!

Nuila Events Four Pillars


We know that over the years, we’ve shared a lot of “inside scoop” stuff through these pages and in the course of working with so many wonderful organizations, but not a day goes by when we’re not asked how we manage so much “stuff” in any event – and all of them.

It all comes down to understanding the scope of the job.  Over the years, this has evolved into a comprehensive document that we use on any proposal so that we absolutely understand what our client needs and they know exactly what they are getting from Nuila Events.

Now we know what you’re thinking, and you’re right – one size never fits all.  So as we start to work with new clients and plan any event, we look at the “Four Pillars.”

1) Venue Sourcing

The first thing we do in the process of planning any event is look at it from the participant’s perspective.  That begins with a focus on selecting the right venue and making the necessary bookings for meeting space, any blocks of hotel rooms and certainly understanding how the space needs to be used.  We’ve even aligned ourselves with Experient, a Maritz Global Events company, to help our clients receive even better rates and protection for all of the sourcing needs.

2) Sponsorship & Exhibitor Sales

From there, we move on to understanding if and how sponsorship and exhibitors can help to offset the costs of the event. We want to make sure that your guests have access to truly amazing resources that complement your organization.  For companies in the technology field, we would seek out other companies that work in conjunction with our client to see how their presence can maximize the value of the event.  In the case of a non-profit, we would look to corporate sponsors that want to increase their presence in that arena and seek out relationships and opportunities that maximize the effect of the event.

3) Meeting Management

After we have the space and sponsors or exhibitors, we really drill into the meeting management role.  80% of the problems are in this 20% of the work!  This often means choreographing the schedule down to the minute. Meeting management is the truly in-depth hard work in the business, especially since this is the visible part of the event.  It is just like watching a duck in a pond – all the work is going on where you can’t see it!

4) Exceptional Content

Of course, a great event is made that way not just by an organization but by the things that they share at the event.  Public speaking is not the strongpoint of many folks, and a bad keynote speaker can absolutely tear down every bit of goodwill the event should have garnered.  While we consider it to be the last of our “Four Pillars,” this is every bit as important as the others.  Over the years, we have partnered with many seasoned stage speakers in a variety of spaces to be able to provide our clients with a “speaking solution” to nearly every event – from business to personal.

We know, we know - it all sounds simple, and after many years of planning events, it is.  By using our “Four Pillars,” we are able to see the best execution plan for any event and make sure that every client, from the Fortune 500 to a new non-profit, can put on a memorable event that helps to build their own culture and success story – and better yet, meet their budgeting needs with no surprises.  

Have you got a corporate event planned?  Let us know how we can help and make sure that your own “Four Pillars” don’t fall – contact Nuila Events, LLC right here or just pick up the phone and ring us up at (949) 238-8066.  We’d love to show you how great it can be!

Nuila Events: Your Complete Event Resource!

Hello friends!

Well, here we are, careening through early 2016 and so many of you have fresh new budgets for the year, our phones have stayed busy answering questions about how we can help you handle just about any event you can think of.

Funny thing, Nuila Events, LLC really does do it all!

No matter what you and your organization are looking for, Nuila Events has already done it – from equipment and furniture rentals to managing your social media for an event, we are experts in making sure that your event goes off without a hitch.  Think of it like this:  Planning an event is no different than car maintenance.  Sound silly?  Not really – you can learn how to do everything you need to do to take care of your car and simply do it in your driveway. The downside?  All that time in your driveway is taking you away from work and family. 


It’s the exact same with planning an event with your business, whether you have a small business or large corporation!  Do you really want to get stuck negotiating contracts with hotels for sleeping rooms?  What about booking all the entertainment- and that includes lighting and any audio/visual equipment that you’ll need?  Negotiating with caterers and making sure that the menu is a great choice for your guests?  Lastly, don’t you want to enjoy the event that you are planning and not get caught up fielding the hundreds – yes hundreds- of questions that come up on event day?  Your guests deserve to see you and you deserve to see them – having a top-of-the-line event planner and management staff on site is exactly how you handle that.  Don’t get your hands dirty!


In the end, whether you are changing oil, training staff, or celebrating a great year, it comes down to time.  Nuila Events becomes the efficiency resource that you can use to handle every aspect of an event and make sure it is as first rate as you deserve it to be.   After a few years in the event planning business, we know exactly how to handle pre-event marketing, promotional pieces for your event, and even how to find and close sponsorships for you. 

In the end, we both know that doing it yourself is doing you in – take some time to reach out to us, no matter the event, and find out how we can serve you as you plan events this year.  Reach out to us right here  and let’s set how we can work together to make your event even better than you ever dreamed possible! 

Can Small Businesses Have Events Too?


Well here we are!  The holiday season is upon us, and I wanted to talk about the single biggest question we hear … “I own a small business, do I still need to do events?”

Our answer at Nuila Events, LLC is always a resounding “YES!”

Now, in fairness, you don’t have to sponsor the Grammys, but for many small businesses, hosting events is a wonderful way to network the business and foster great corporate citizenship in your community - and get some amazing publicity.  The question is, what types of events can a small business handle that won’t break the bank?

Well, funny you should ask, and as experts in helping companies to handle these types of functions, let us give you some ideas.

The first goal is always to determine who your target audience is – this helps to drive a clear understanding of your goals, the venues, and what exactly the purpose of the event will be – are you introducing a new product?  Celebrating a record year?  Will you be looking to “woo” new clients or cater to current ones?

The critical thing is, hosting an event, even a small one, can build huge value for your company.  Even if the group is a small one, people remember that your company hosted or sponsored an event, and that has value far past the cost to put on an event – and remember – an event is not always social – it can be a workshop for your products, a training seminar on business, or even a product launch.

Of course, you’ll have budget questions, then the marketing for the event – can you use strategic partners to share in the costs and potentially get more attendees?  Get the word out through your social media channels, include it on emails to clients, and even get- depending on the event, local bloggers and groups to get the word out.


And by far the biggest part of the equation is building a team to help you.  This is where Nuila Events, LLC can really pull to the front for small businesses – we handle this everyday – it is, after all, what we do!  In fact, as you start to plan, think about involving us from the very beginning.  Reach out to us at 949.238.8066 or, as always, through our website