A Day in the Life of a Corporate Planner


I hope that 2016 is off to a rip-roaring start and that you had a wonderful Holiday season.  In our world of event planning, truth be told, we are already looking at 2017 conferences – but not a week goes by at Nuila Events, LLC when we don’t hear the question, “what is your day like as a corporate event planner?”

Well, funny you should ask.  A day in the life of a corporate event planner can really be a roller coaster; 20 hours is not the norm, but we certainly pull a lot of them.  Most corporate event planners easily average a 12 hour day, and since so many events are multi-day events with evening functions, we spend a lot of time at work when most people have left the office.  In addition to actually being at the event, many corporate event planners will have at least one meeting each week for each event.  Of course, that will be during “normal” business hours.  Consider that an event may be on the books for six to nine months, and you have plenty of other meetings to keep you busy, too.


The good news is that many of those meetings are now  embracing technology, so even though we will be assisting a client, this can be accomplished virtually. Skype, Facetime, Gotomeeting, etc... all help to shorten distance for us when we work with clients.  In fact, by the time you consider those technologies, point of sale systems, email and autoresponders, and a host of ordering software, it is not unusual for us to use nearly 10 different types of technology on even the simplest event.  And you thought we just helped set up the chairs and bring in the flowers!

Really, though, that’s why we do it.  Simply put, we love it!  Serving others as they come together for training or collaboration is what motivates us.  We look at our jobs as corporate event planners as the chance to bring something enjoyable into being – even though it may have no tangible lasting effect.  We make memories for others. Truly, it is a wonderful way to serve.