Sachiko Tiana Nuila

CEO & Founder

Core Values
Connecting w/others

What is your favorite thing about your work at Nuila Events?
Building relationships that center around Client Satisfaction.

What app do you use on your phone most? 
Email or Facebook

What’s the one “piece of junk” that you can’t seem to throw away? 
I have a couple pairs of "skinny" jeans that I just keep hoping I'll fit into again one day.

What song, whenever it comes on, puts you in a good mood?
Heathens, Twenty-One Pilots

Who would you love to play you in the movie of your life?
Kerry Washington ❤️

What would be the top 3 words that describe you?
Passionate, Honest, Sarcastic

What makes you happy?
People deciding to pursue their dreams.

What led you to pursue a career in the hospitality industry?
Site visits for hotels for prom in High School. I fell in love with hotels, events and hospitality way back then!

How would you describe your approach to client satisfaction?
Be as honest and candid as possible about the absolute best scenario for the client - even if it's not best for my company in the short run. In the long run, I know it will benefit us more!

Best career advice you’ve ever been given?
Just be yourself. In every interview, meeting, dinner, etc... When you're authentic and doing work you love, your career, business, etc. will grow the right way.

What has been your most memorable experience thus far at Nuila Events?
The Story Secret event where every staff member and attendee walked out inspired and more connected to each other than before! Truly special!

What is your signature dish?
Gluten Free Pasta w/ Cashew Cream Sauce

In the Nuila Events family, I’d be voted Most Likely to………………?
Eat during a team Google Hangout meeting

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What’s your all time favorite movie?
The Emperor's New Groove

What does the following statement mean to you: “We look forward to serving you”?
Everyone on the team is focused on our main mission of happy clients. We all work together to that aim and "that's not my job" truly isn't in our vernacular.

In general, who / what inspires you?
People who have overcome lots of heartache & hardship and have used their story or success to help others.